Ultimate Wholesale RE Course

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Ultimate Wholesale RE Course

Real Estate Will 🏚
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Hey everyone, 

My name is Willny Guifarro & I'm a FULL TIME Real Estate Investor and I run a success wholesale operation in Houston TX. We focus on finding distressed Real Estate & ASSIGN our equitable interested in the property it for a profit

Wholesaling is basically when you sign a PURCHASE & SALES contract with a homeowner 

Let’s say it’s worth $100,000 & it needs $25,000 in repairs.

We as wholesalers try to get this property under contract for $40,000. We find a cash buyer for $50,000 and we walk away with $10,000 assignment fee!!

I've done over 100 transactions and I mastered the Art of Flipping Real Estate Contracts so I created a course to show you how to do the same thing and all the steps I take to Successfully close a Wholesale deal.

  • Evaluation of Deals

- How to analyze Land

- How to analyze Houses

-How to analyze Multi-Family

  • Locking It up

-Cold Caller Recordings

-Universal Purchase Contracrt

-Universal Assignment Contract

-Cold Call Scripts

-Inbound Negotiation Scripts

-Screen Video Explaining Contract


  • Marketing File

-How to Generate Targeted lists

-How to Skiptrace a List & Stack It

  • Processes & Systems

- Cold Calling Your Leads

- Keeping your Leads Organized (CRM)

- List Of Services I use

  • Selling The Property

- Video Explain the Assignment

- How to Generate Exclusive Buyer Leads

-Selling your Property Via MLS

This is literally everything you need to know In order to do your 1st Wholesale Deal

How I see it, I rather learn everything from 1 person instead of a few things here and there from a lot of people

I ALSO Include a Free Group Chat with over 700 members who you can connect and network with

I am also active on this platform as well to ask questions


I want this!


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